Wellspring Camps For Weight Loss

Wellspring Camps are wellness and health camps for children, teens, young adults, and families. They are some of the most practical, fun and affordable weight loss and fitness summer programs. Their programs focus on changing eating patterns, exercise routines and behavior to create a long-term lifestyle for participants.

Judging by their website, you can tell that Wellspring Camps is especially proud of two things; one is the fact that an impressive 70% of their participants maintain their weight once they get back home. Second is the fact that their campers lose an average of 4 pounds per week. These impressive statistics mean they are doing a great job of improving people’s lifestyle and health.

wellspring camps

Wellspring weight loss and fitness camps have thrown a unique spin in the weight loss camping notion. They implement a scientific approach in all their weight loss programs to provide a sustainable and lasting solution to those struggling with weight management. They primarily empower participants with the knowledge and tools they need become more active physically, improve their eating habits and build their self-confidence.

Wellspring Camps Locations

Melbourne, Florida.

This location is just minutes from Central Florida’s Atlantic Coast beaches and offers campers a wide range of fun indoor and outdoor fitness options. In addition to beach sports and a variety of water sports, you will get to enjoy climate-controlled fitness facilities such as weight rooms, aerobics studios, cardio rooms, and indoor playing fields. It also features a Challenge course, two indoor swimming pools, and a walking trail through massive acres of beautiful botanical gardens.

If you need to spend an unforgettable summer having fun on the coast of Florida, then you should consider this fitness camp. The best part is you get picked and dropped off at either Melbourne International (MLB) Airport or Orlando International Airport on the start and end dates.

La Jolla, California.

Wellspring California camp boasts a premier location along the beach at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). Like the Melbourne campus, this camp too has a broad range of activities, excellent facilities, and beautiful weather. Here, you will have unlimited fun playing sand volleyball, surfing lessons, boogie boarding, and snorkeling. There is also a fitness complex with a variety of classes such as kickboxing, strength training, and yoga.

Wellspring California camp is ideal for those looking for fun on the beach, dramatic weight loss, incredible adventure, fun trips to the world’s famous theme parks, hiking, mountain biking and fantastic fitness facilities. Highly qualified and professional staff members are all friendly and approachable.

Wellspring Camps Diet

Wellsprings nutrition and meal plans emphasize low-calorie, low-fat diet. They believe that teaching campers how to identify, select and cook healthy foods is the best approach to maintaining a healthy eating habit. They offer three daily meals and two snacks that have been approved by registered dieticians. You will also be allowed to have some “uncontrolled” foods which include fat-free yogurts, egg salad, cottage cheese, tuna salad, fresh fat-free soups, vegetables, salads, and fruits.


We love the fact that Wellspring takes science very seriously in all their weight loss programs. Campus do learn a great deal about exercise, nutrition, and fitness while at the camp including how to handle foods they find in restaurants, grocery shops, and supermarkets. Their professionalism, service quality and impressive results explain why they have continually received positive reviews in both online and offline fitness communities.