Camp Shane Weight Loss Camps

Camp Shane is a weight loss camp for overweight children and teenager who need a practical and fun way to lose weight. The camp has facilities in Arizona, California, Georgia, Texas, New York, and Wisconsin. Camp Shane has been featured on MTV, ABC’s 20/20 and Dr. Phil.

Camp Shane

Camp Shane is a family owned business whose primary mission it to provide children and teenagers with a comfortable, safe and active way to lose weight. Some of the counselors and staff members are former Camp Shane participants who understand the struggles and challenges that overweight children go through.

A weight loss camp –not a fat camp

camp shane

Fat camps were initially designed to operate like boot camps so that kids will be taken through weight loss programs the hard way. Many times kids come out of fat camps with a negative attitude towards the whole weight loss affair, so for them, it feels like just another school session.

Camp Shane separates itself from this attributes by offering a weight loss environment with friendly people, plenty of fun activities, nutritional education, fabulous campgrounds and behavioral therapy. Fun is a fundamental component of any weight loss camp, and the guys at Camp Shane know this too well. Unlike traditional fat camps that treat their campers and members of the military, Camp Shane treats its campers like family.

Values and activities

Camp Shane has a variety of physical activities including sports, performing arts and recreational events. Your kid will not miss an activity that they love and enjoy doing, meaning that they will lose weight without even realizing it. Specific activities here include swimming, biking, hiking, tag of war, walking, running and so on.

You will be happy to notice that Camp Shane does not only focus on weight loss; they employ a compressive approach that teaches kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle, how to select and reappear healthy foods and how to incorporate physical exercise into their daily lives and maintain a healthy weight.

Many parents who take their kids to Camp Shane appreciate the fact that their children come out fully transformed thanks to their personalized cognitive behavioral therapy. So you will not have hard times reminding your kids to keep off from junk foods or limit their TV watching hours.

Diet and nutrition

Camp Shane have a different approach to weight loss; they don’t place too much emphasis on dieting, rather, they believe in teaching kids about the importance and tools of being healthy. As earlier mentioned, your children get cooking and nutritional classes that focus on healthy ingredients and portion control. Your child will also learn how to read labels and prepare their healthy meals correctly.

The camp provides three portion-controlled, healthy meals each day in addition to snacks such as fresh fruits, popcorn, and pretzels. There is pancakes, pizzas, and cheese too, so your kid won’t miss a lot while camping. All children are given a Nutrition Workbook to be used in the camp, and when they leave, they will be receiving a monthly newsletter with menus and weight loss tips.


With over 50 experiences in running weight loss camps for kids and with numerous satellite camps across the country, you can rest assured they know their stuff. Adults can also get access to fitness camps and archive a healthy lifestyle. Having said that, we have no reason not to recommend them as one of the best weight loss facilities for kids.