Camp Pocono Trails For Weight Loss

Camp Pocono Trails is conveniently located in the Pocono Mountains just 90 minutes from New York City. The camp is a 350-acre facility featuring a private lake, climbing wall, two separate pools for boys and girls, Odyssey adventure course and many more opportunities. With world class facilities and an excellent location, this camp gives you an opportunity to lose weight, regain your self-esteem and have lots of fun in a stress-free non-threatening environment.

Campers enjoy learning about healthy weight loss and fitness as well as adopt new healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Children, teens and young adults get to interact, realize their goals as they enjoy the unmatched activities and programs offered here.

Camp Pocono Trails Activities

Camp Pocono Trails

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I am yet to come across a camp as rich with fun, activities, and events as what this camp offers. From adrenaline monster tube and building Jet Ski rides to banana boats and canoes, you get a spectacular view of the lake as you breathe the fresh mountain air. Other fun activities to enjoy here include sports of all kinds, drama, arts and crafts, fitness and nutritional classes.

Camp Pocono trails features and facilities.

The extensive acreage and world class facilities and features give this camp a unique competitive advantage in the camping industry. I like to think of Camp Pocono Trails a summer holiday vacation facility with a thing for weight loss, fun, and fitness. Some of the facilities and features that set this camp aside include;

  • On-site private lake
  • 350 private acres
  • Jet skis, Banana Boats and Monster Tubes.
  • Canoes, pedal boats, and row boats.
  • Fully equipped weight training room
  • Four outdoor basketball courts
  • Eighteen tennis courts
  • Five softball diamonds
  • Three soccer fields
  • Seven beach volleyball courts
  • Archery range
  • Indoor hockey rink
  • Football and Lacrosse
  • Professional Golf Driving Range
  • Obstacle Course
  • Treadmill workout room
  • Two lakeside swimming pools
  • Climbing Wall
  • Cooking and nutrition classes
  • Aerobics studio
  • Dance and yoga programs
  • Arts & Crafts

You will also be happy to note that the camp has extremely comfortable quarters with spacious and stylish cabins. Campers are grouped according to their age and the length of their stay. Bathrooms and shower facilities are well maintained and serviced by caretakers.

Diet and nutrition

Being an important part of a weight loss process, Camp Pocono Trails takes diet and nutrition very seriously. They plan their meals based on the updated guidelines of USDA. They focus on eating natural, whole foods with low-fat and low-calorie counts. Campers get relevant portions according to their age, gender, and unique nutritional requirements. Meals and snacks are carefully designed to include all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins, so you don’t miss a thing. Kids will enjoy three meals and two snacks each day. Campers are taught that meals like pizza, pancakes, and hamburgers can still be eaten as long as they are correctly portioned and accompanied by an active lifestyle.


Camp Pocono Trails is undoubtedly a fantastic weight loss and fitness facility for your kids. The extensive range of facilities and activities will give your child endless opportunities to exercise, have fun and lose weight within the shortest time possible. If the rising number positive reviews, feedback, and testimonials are anything to go by; I can confidently say that Camp Pocono Trails offers the best experience, programs and results in the weight loss camping industry.