Camp Pennbrook Review

Camp Pennbrook is a weight loss and fitness summer camp for girls aged 8-21. It’s located at The Pennington School in Pennington, NJ. The camp promotes plenty of physical activity, emotional support, and nutritional education. Girls learn how to make healthy food choices and sustainable eating habits that will help them keep the weight off after their camp session.

Why Choose Camp Pennbrook?

Camp Pennbrook

In addition to the traditional summer camp activities, Camp Pennbrook provides fabulous adventures and excursions. Some of the notable trips include Six Flags Great Adventure, a shopping trip in NYC concerts, sporting events, Dorney Park in PA and much more. We all know that losing weight is no easy task, but Camp Pennbrook have a way of making it exciting and fun.

Think of Camp Pennbrook as a sisterhood –the environment is beautiful and customized for girls making them feel comfortable and free. It is not just another average weight loss camp, neither is it a fat camp. Above weight loss and fitness, they offer friendships, fun and exciting memories to carry back home. Girls leave the camp with renewed self-esteem and confidence.

Meal programs

Camp Pennbrook has an excellent meal and nutritional program designed to limit calories and emphasize the importance of portion control, less fat consumption and adding more vegetables, fruits and whole grains to their diets. A registered dietitian develops their meals from Culinart food service.

The best part is you won’t miss your favorite meals while at this camp. The meals are delicious and satisfying with a few uncontrolled foods for your choosing. The camp also offers cooking classes so that girls can learn how to cook nutritious and healthy meals. Girls will also get to select and prepare healthy and tasty meals for their families when they get back home.

When eating out or buying ready meals, temptations tend to be high. Girls will be taught how to read foods labels and select the right foods when at the restaurant or grocery shop to avoid these temptations. This knowledge goes a long way in sustaining and maintaining the success and progress achieved while at the camp.

Camp Pennbrook facilities

Camp Pennbrook has some incredible state of art facilities that will make your life easy, active and comfortable. Some of the sports and athletics facilities include an indoor pool, indoor gyms, air-conditioned multipurpose center, two softball fields, two soccer fields, two basketball courts, Lacrosse field, two basketball courts, Dance Studio, four all-weather and tennis courts.

The facility also has spacious private dorms, air conditioned dining rooms and unlimited salad bar. The housekeeping and maintenance service are on point too, so there will be no bathroom issues, blown fuses, and no bugs.

Camp Pennbrook Activities

Camp Pennbrook offers daily workouts to campers. You can choose from Zumba, aerobics, step, boot camps, kickboxing, and more. Also, you will enjoy daily activities such as tennis, swimming, basketball, art, hikes, softball, soccer, drama, cooking, flag football, volleyball, and kickball. They try to combine fun athletics, daily workouts, and other activities.


One more thing you will love about this facility is accessibility. They are situated close to Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas. And they even offer to visit you at home, or you can visit them anytime and have some fun on their “Open Houses”. In general, Camp Pennbrook is an excellent camp for girls who need to lose some weight, change their lifestyle, while having some fun.