Camp JumpStart Weight Loss Camp

Camp Jumpstart was founded in 2003 by Jean Huelsing, a registered nurse with years of experience in matter weight loss and fitness. It’s a fully accredited weight-loss facility designed for kids with a primary focus on long-term weight loss and fitness.

Camp JumpStart

The camp is located in Imperial, Missouri where it provides high-quality programming in a safe environment to instill campers with abilities and knowledge they need to pursue a healthy lifestyle. They believe that by promoting self-discipline, their campers can be able to develop healthy habits that will significantly improve their life and sustain a healthy lifestyle beyond the camp.

camp jumpstart

Unlike most weight loss camps that provide generic ‘one size fits all’ programs, Jean at Camp JumpStart believes that every individual is different and needs personalized help to be able to overcome their unique challenges.

The campground is located on 250 acres with an on-site pool and a private lake. The location means you have endless opportunities for fun and recreation. The camp boasts modern fitness facilities and a family atmosphere that makes you feel at home away from home. Their major focus is to help campers achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle through behavioral modification, fitness activities and nutritional education in addition to well-balanced and portion-controlled meals

Camp Jumpstart activities

Physical activities are a primary component of any weight loss camp or fitness program. They help participants burn more calories, shape their muscles, improve their flexibility and balance, and reverse some types of illness. As earlier mentioned, Camp JumpStart has a broad range of activities designed to help kids of all ages and gender live an active lifestyle, lose more weight and boost their confidence.

Some of the activities offered in this camp include performing and arts, sports activities, aerobics, fitness activities, adventure, ropes course, and academic activities. More specifically, your kid will have a chance to engage in biking, mountain climbing, swimming, running, hiking, cardio, strength training, yoga, and so on.


Camp JumpStart offers four sessions each summer; two 4–Week sessions, 8–Week sessions and a 2 Weeks Refresher Session.

  • 4–Week Camps

Camp JumpStart believes that it takes at least 28 days to break a bad habit and develop new routines. That’s why they have this 4–Week session for kids. In this course, children receive knowledge and tools necessary changing their habits for the better. A single session can help even severely overweight children reverse the symptoms and regain a healthy body weight.

  • 8–Week Camps

This session offers campers extra time to lose more weight and form new healthy habits. 4-week courses will teach your kid how to live a healthy life while the 8-week session will go deeper into demonstrating routines and prepare them to teach other family members when they get back home. The leadership training, cooking classes and menu planning are expanded in this session. If your child has an existing weight-related health condition such as obesity, this 8-week session will give them enough time to achieve significant results.

  • 2 Weeks Refresher Session

The refresher cause is designed to help campers maintain their success and may not be enough for any significant weight loss for new campers. You need to call in advance to check for available before making your plans.


Camp JumpStart is a great facility for a comprehensive approach to weight loss and fitness for your kid. Despite working with highly qualified trainers and offering some of the best fitness facilities in the industry, Camp JumpStart is still one of the most affordable camps in the industry.